Making your grain more profitable (grain cleaning)

For the team at SCL grain cleaning means adding value to your business by improving grain quality to increase the sale price, making the most of your season. Our customers often tell us how the results of our grain cleaning services exceeded their expectations because of our holistic approach and support.

We undertake grain cleaning for wheat, barley, canola, lupins, peas, chick peas, oats and tritcale with screens for all grains and making use of the latest technology Nufab machinery.

Our grain cleaning services include market spec grain cleaning for:

-    High screenings
-    Low hectolitre weight
-    Ergot cleaning
-    Cleaning grain for sand
-    Scalping for Raddish
-    Removal of green matter
-    Grain renovation

Talk to one of our team today about how grain cleaning could add value to your bottom line this season.